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by Cankinder
July 18th, 2010, 12:14 pm
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Mmmmm im not very good in that things but i explored The Exciting Adventure Of Master Chef Ogro and i edit thing and i found the problem. The problem is the trigger, but there i cant help u because im learning this sorry, i wanna help but i know the cfg of the map can put guis and triggers and in rp...
by Cankinder
July 18th, 2010, 12:04 pm
Forum: Sandbox General Support
Topic: PAS Really Slow...
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Re: PAS Really Slow...

I'm using Nvidia to the 3D and run very well, but the preblem can be:
1. You using a slow PC
2. You got a problem whit your PC [or simply a problem whit the graphic thing)
-Victor The Kinder
by Cankinder
July 18th, 2010, 11:57 am
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Topic: [Tutorial] Removing Edit Mode
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Re: [Tutorial] Removing Edit Mode

No is for nothing but if you do /edittoggle you come to the edit mode.
And, why you wanna delete the edit mode? If platinum not got edit mode, no is nothing!
PAS is to make and learn make but if u remove the only way of make, no is nothing.
Hello all:
-Victor The Cankinder

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