F.D.T.O Online, an odd game (WIP)

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F.D.T.O Online, an odd game (WIP)

Postby Pcee23 » January 10th, 2012, 5:19 pm

F.D.T.O (Funny Demented Toys Ownage) is an odd MMORPG set in our world, where toys come to life when we don't look at them. A war between toys jelaous of their owner begun long time ago, with the time it became more adictive and serious. (Story need improvement). Being developed with Cube 2 Engine.

Maps to build:

Modes to build:
Team Deathmatch - Team Green vs Red. Frag the enemy team players to score points for your team. To win, you must reach the frag limit decided by the Master of the arena.

Free 4 All - Everyone vs everyone. Frag every player to score points. Once you reached the frag limit decided by the Master, you win.

Rubik - Everyone vs everyone. You spawn with the melee and a random weapon. Frag every player to score points for you.

ToyMaker - Team Green vs Red. At the start of the match, a weapon will be choosen randomly for every team. Example: Red team players (Rocket Launcher), Green team
players (Shotgun).

Capture The Flag (CTTF) - Team Green vs Red. Steal the enemy toy flag and bring it to your flag. Once your team reached the flag limit decided by the Master, you win.

Bomber - A bomb spawns at random places of a map, both teams must take it and bring it to the enemy team base. Once your team reached the bomb limit, you win.
You have 20 seconds to bring it to the enemy base, or the bomb will explode. If the bomb explodes while you're carrying it, you and everyone close to you will die instantly.
(Team-mates too).

Doll - You spawn only with sniper rifle. Only headshots and buttshots damage the players.

Last Toys Standing - Team Green vs Red etc. Once you are dead, you will spectate your killer until the new round. If your killer dies, the player under him/her in the scoreboard will be choosen. Win the rounds to win.

DefendnFrag - At the start of the match a player of both teams are choosen. He/she becomes the 'Boss'. Every team must kill the enemy team boss, once the boss is dead,
a new round will start. Bosses are choosen randomly.

PickUp Match - You spawn with melee and a pistol (revolver) and a new random weapon. Once you killed a player, or a team-mate dies, they will drop a random new weapon
(MiniGun, new shotguns/rocket launchers). Team Green vs Red, reach the frag limit to win.

Annie - (No story yet)
Lara - (No story yet)
Pred - (No story yet)
Roonkie - (No story yet)
Smuth - Smuth was a very polite toy, he used to live on a toy shop called "Toys For All". He lived there with his girlfriend Smutthy, the female version of Smuth. When his future owner came to the toy shop, he buyed Smuth but left his girlfriend there. Since that day, Smuth became the most evil toy of all time.

Green vs Red
Neutral: Blue

FragFestival (Worst map) I have still a lot of work, but I think it's presentable XD :
'FragFestival' is set in Chester's room, a 9 years old kid, who mixed tons of toys to make this odd place for fun; now toys are gonna battle it out there.

Weapons name (Hilarious):
Uzi (Lolington)
Shotgun: Darkness
Sniper Rifle: HiJack
Rocket Launcher: Delirium
FlameThrower: Lantern
Melee: Gold Prospector

The poll will be valid until 16/02/2012, please help me by voting it. :/

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