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Broken Shield

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Re: Broken Shield

Post by TheIntercooler »

Hirato wrote: As far as UI design goes, I would advise you to keep things together.
Ammo counts as well as your health and mana are critical things to know, and if you have to look around for them... not good..
The default HUD is in data/rpg/hud_standard.cfg, why not copy the file and make your own HUD based on that?
I plan on having even the arrows the ranger uses cost mana to use, nothing is worse then being in the middle of a battle and remembering you forgot to by ammo. I plan on adding alot of other buttons to make it feel a bit more like a standard rpg/mmo game. I will have my coder take a look at the hud_standard.cfg file.

My biggest thing is as I did with Cube 2 default fps engine I just have a thing about leaving things to default. I dont want someone to play the game and think "oh, its just PSA with different images. Though I am buidling it on PSA and keeping the logo in the bottom left corner near the cube logo I want people to see the work We've put into the game was more then just changing Icons.

Hirato wrote: As for freeing the cursor, that should be a cinch, in sandbox 2.8.0, you can set freecursor to 2 to free the cursor.
The cursor will automatically be freed when a menu is opened when the setting is 1; otherwise the cursor will always be centred.
This feature is more for those who want to utilise a top-down perspective and make more tactical (and even turn based) RPGs
I'm still toying with the idea if I want to free it or not. I'll have to have my coder take a look at it for me, he made huge improvements to Revelade Revolution so I'm sure he'll know better then me if its worth waiting or not. I do appreciate the heads up though.
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Re: Broken Shield

Post by Mike »

You could always have a demo and paid version too. Demo could be just the first map or a map to give people a little taste of what the full game is like to get them interested in buying it. That's typically the approach I find useful :)
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Re: Broken Shield

Post by Bigfootzz »

Hey guys its me (Ed) I lost access to my old user name TheIntercooler so I made this new name so I can continue posting. Broken Shield has been coming a long very, very slowly due to lack of support with coding. We started off with the PAS engine but it was missing features that we needed. So we ended up using the RE engine by moding the FPS game mode and adding features like quest log, a new heads up display more designed for rpgs as well as a talent and stat system.

The biggest issue we are having now is that we need help with coding for the game. Our lead coder has never played an mmorpg or rpg so for him trying to add the features we need are a bit challenging to say the least. We did try to use the default PAS engine but it seemed to be too much work for our coder as he felt we would get more done by just adding the features to our current engine. I know I haven't posted here in a while and I truly want to support this community and help create more then just projects but a full game that people can engine. We have the resources as well as the team to do it we just need a few more key people.

The link to our moddb page is posted in the first post in this topic it has up to date progress of what we have done so far as well as on our forums at TheIntercooler.com