Stealth action RPG from ghostman gaming!

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Stealth action RPG from ghostman gaming!

Postby Ghostman Gaming » January 24th, 2013, 8:15 pm

I am building a FPS RPG here is the story line:

You are Mike Mangino a successful business man, but you have a dark secret your a almost untraceable White collar thief. You are tasked by Mr, Davis to steal a famous painting that is being shown at city hall. The theft is successful until a silent alarm is triggered within the building and you are caught. The FBI is happy to have you in custody, and while in the interrogation room they give you a offer you can't refuse to steal a painting that was stolen by a mafia group. Your theft skills will win you your freedom.

The rest is secret. I currently do not have a name for this game, but i am open to suggestions. The release date is still unknown, but will be announced soon. :D

Here's some pictures:

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