This is my 3D model

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Name: Adrian

This is my 3D model

Postby StormKat2035 » September 27th, 2013, 9:01 am

I made this using Blender. If you all want the files I can upload it in .blend format, .obj, .3ds, and COLLADA.

You can perfect my models if you all wish just remember to give me credit.

I could do textures but I also have a family schedule.

This earlier model version of the Dwemercycle you can re-use it as a motorcycle.

The headlights are not longer available. if you want it I'll remake it.
Dwemercycle Altered Slightly.png
This is another one that has a Cow Tipper on the front for moving things out of the way. This is the one that has the Grand Soul Gem added to the side of it.
This is a different angle of the Dwemercycle.
Dwemercycle 4.png
This was one of my earlier mods I modeled from scratch using Blender that was going to be a Dwarven motorcycle called the Dwemercycle for Elder Scrolls Skyrim. If you want to see my finished mod, go to and search for my newer model Dwemercycle.

This pic here had a Grand Soul Gem as the headlights until I placed it in the center of the bike near the engines. You can have this older model. Just let me know what file format.

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Re: This is my 3D model

Postby Mike » September 27th, 2013, 2:44 pm

Awesome work, that's super cool! Also I think in another thread you were interested in contributing models to SB? Please e-mail me at and we can chat about it :) Take care!
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