Chaze007's Application

We are always looking for experienced mappers, modelers, coders, artists and more to help make Sandbox a better experience for all.
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Chaze007's Application

Postby Chaze007 » August 23rd, 2009, 8:31 pm

Everyone else is doing it.
Don't follow the crowds they say..oh well!

I'd like so sign up for a DEV, both Calimer and Hirato know me pretty well, and I've been here for almost a month.
Most of the community knows me as an artist, and that's what I'd like to sign up for -- if you guys need any sample work, let me know and I'll get it done ASAP.
I work with Adobe Photoshop CS2, not the latest but still a pretty elite graphics program.
I'm skilled at making textures for games - and am currently trying my work at skinning.
I make banners, and resources for websites and such too!

I'm also helpful around the community, offering my services to anyone around here, all I require is one thing
Common Sense.

I know a little bit on authorities, like rules and how things should be run because I've been moderators on, and have owned a few forums myself. =] I'd be honored to work as a DEV for sandbox.

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