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Suggestion: Cleaner Menus and UI

We are always looking for experienced mappers, modelers, coders, artists and more to help make Sandbox a better experience for all.
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Suggestion: Cleaner Menus and UI

Post by Tinkerer »


I am a "creative" overall - but my coding skills are basic - however I understand code "logic" and am usually good at coming up with solutions for problems - usually in pseudo-code.

I am a named tester for Mark Overmars' Game Maker (v4.x - v6.x) as well - where I contributed many ideas which were implemented.

I am decent with Photoshop and have solid experience with broadcast television/movie productions as well. I tinker with audio as well.

I'll be happy to be of any assistance I able.

Some thoughts:
First thing we notice is the hap-hazard way the interface is set in Sandbox. The menu's need to be better organized so its user-friendly and instinctive.

Groups/Folders/Menus of resources like:

Sound FX/Tracks
Scripts //Code Snippets/Functions{x} which can be called().
Paths //patrol/flyby/AI/Cut-Scene paths so we can call() them and have the npcs just follow a certain path. (eg when_not_attacked { follow_patrol_path_01() } else when_attacked { escape_path_21() }
Time Lines // Events that trigger at certain points / cut-scenes / delayed animations / game-advancement / mesh+scenery-changes (volcano eruptions) / etc. This can be tied into PATHS to make a proper camera-oriented movie cutscenes with audio dialogues and animations. (Timelines like in After Effects or Combustion or Particle Illusion).
Zones //maps of each zone - which can be called() as needed. eg zone stitching or preloading next zone while in certain area.

The current menu's also look to be very low resolution (NES Zelda-esque) ones. Perhaps check screen resolution and change accordingly or use crisper vector/scalable ones.

Better cleaner organization of the work surface leads to better productivity and less frustration.

Thanks. Keep up the fantastic work! :)
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Re: Suggestion: Cleaner Menus and UI

Post by Mike »

Why don't you stop in the chatroom sometime and chat with us? I'm sure we could use your help. Thanks for your interest and take care!
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