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The [stub] BBcode system

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The [stub] BBcode system

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The Stub BBcode System -- Internal post links

If you want to reference a link, image, or something in a bottom-of-the-post bibliography, just use the newly added <stub> BBcode system.

<link> What is a stub?
<link> How do I use the stub BBcode system?
<link> The [ stub ] BBcode
<link> The [ stublink ] BBcode

<stub> What is a stub?

It's simple. Just use a unique ID number for between each reference and the links to it, like so:
<link> Blah blah...
<stub> Blah blah blah

Notice that when you click the orange underlined text "Blah blah...", it takes you to the blue line of text that says "Blah blah blah".

<stub> How do I use the stub BBcode system?

There are two things you need. The stub, which is located where you want the link to go, and the link that points you to it.

<stub> The [ stub ] BBcode
The stub is simply a beacon for the link, but it's an essential beacon.
An example of the stub is as follows:

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[stub=1]Blah blah blah[/stub]

Essentially, all you need to do is replace {TEXT} with what you want the stub to say, and {NUMBER} with the stub ID in the following:

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@NOTE - You cannot have two stubs by the same number, the second stub that uses the same number will not be accessable by the stub's link.

Not so hard, is it?

<stub> The [ stublink ] BBcode
Oh, yes, and there /is/ another part, the link that directs you to the stub. It's essentially the same to use as the link, except that you can have multiple links to one stub.
An example is as follows:

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[stublink=1]Blah blah...[/stublink]

To make it yours, just edit {TEXT} with what you want it to say, and {NUMBER} with the stub ID in the following:

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For both the stub and stublink BBcodes, you can have other BBcodes within the {TEXT} placeholder.

And that's all you need to know!


github: https://github.com/damianb/