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NOT AGAIN (Yet again it has crash)

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Re: NOT AGAIN (Yet again it has crash)

Post by siimvuss »

theres a wiki page about obtaining the development version...
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Re: NOT AGAIN (Yet again it has crash)

Post by Leo_V117 »

Simple method...

Download the Latest version of TortoiseSVN. Install...
Download the Latest version of Code::Blocks. (MinGW binaries) Install...

Create a new folder and call it PAS SVN, right click the folder and select "SVN Checkout", in the "URL of Repository" Field, place this:

Code: Select all

Allow the SVN files to download. This may take a while depending on your Internet Speeds.
Once the files are fully downloaded, go into "src/windows" and right-click on the "sandbox.cbp" file, Select "Build" and wait for the file to compile, This may take a few minutes depending on your Processor.
After Code::Blocks has finished working its magic, you can play any mode you want, Each time you update, ensure you re-build the "sandbox.cbp" file.

If you have any Warnings, un-install Code::Blocks and delete any traces of MinGW, re-install Code::Blocks and it should be fine.

Hope this Helps.
- Leo