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Questions I keep seeing that I found with a little searching

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Questions I keep seeing that I found with a little searching

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Now, I have questions just like the next guy. The thing is, once I get a question, I don't immediately post it to the forums faster than I can blink. I look up my questions first, and if I have a question I cannot find the answer to (which has not happened yet), then it is acceptable to post on the forums.

I keep seeing people posting questions that have been asked 3 times in the same day. If you are not resourceful enough to look up a simple question, chances are you won't have any luck making a video game, let alone a good one.

How to teleport to a different map.

How to get more models/textures than the ones in Sandbox.

How to add an NPC to the game.

How to make a shop.

How to [insert any specific task here].

Sandbox is still in progress, so you actually have to, you know, do some things yourself. It isn't a "3 step game making process!", it takes progress. Luckily, practically anything you want done, can be done. It just takes a little elbow, I mean, brain-grease to get the job done.

Some good references: