creatures and gameplay questions

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creatures and gameplay questions

Postby mswcpt » June 18th, 2011, 3:13 am

Hi everyone

A couple of questions:

Can the program actually associate sounds with creatures? If they move around, will the sounds behave as if they are coming from the creatures?

Also, I am very interested in creating excellent ''gameplay'' experience - such as - physical interaction with creatures; ability for creatures to disappear and re-appear to create suspense, player having to destroy/kill them by casting spells/shooting or out manouvering them etc. I would very much like it for example, if dangerous creatures appear, that suddenly the music changes from calm ambience to tense and dramatic for example. Can it do these kind of things?

If So, please show some code with explanations on how to implement these features either through using the menus or writing script.



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Re: creatures and gameplay questions

Postby DesignerDude34 » August 23rd, 2011, 6:56 pm

Well, I'd have to say that associating sounds with the creatures would have to be written in the game's source files and then recompiled. Second, as far as my knowledge extends, there is no possible way to make creatures disappear/reappear. In RPG Mode, you can cast spells upon enemies, but I'm not sure about the ability to change music. You'll have to ask someone on the Sandbox Team to confirm if there are any ways to do these things, and for the code as well. Hope that helped!
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