Character Model Questions

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Character Model Questions

Postby justanother1 » October 30th, 2011, 1:12 pm

Afters some looking into .... I suppose the SMD format might be a better way to go for me ...
as far as I understand, the .cfg commands should be the same as md5 with the obvious name change.
However this raises other questions, and I don't need a link to anything linked in the Wiki .....
but understand I'm not a programmer, nor do I want to be, I'm a Modeler. I just need a programmer to explain in Simple Lay-mans terms, some of the functions, to help me set this up.

md5 questions.jpg

opening the Uh\man md5.cfg .. I noticed the Tags ...they seem to refer to bone-joints
Is Sandbox looking for and exact number of bones with exact names? or can they vary as long as the names are the same in the model and the tags?
Also, with Md2s, I noticed that Sandbox only responded to certain animation Names ie.. "Forward" rather that "Walk". I have the standard list, but wonder if it's possible to use other animations as well, or would they be unusable.. don't bother ?
Finally, do the tags allow the programmer to control bone-joints/bodyparts outside of the standard animations ? Are the tags necessary?
Please don't post any Script in your answers, it's just jumbled garb to me ...
I'm not trying to build a Game .. just import a good model with some standard animations. Thank you for your time.

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