hii,i need tutorial with Bots. and multiplayer

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hii,i need tutorial with Bots. and multiplayer

Postby Gioacco95 » November 19th, 2011, 5:12 am

Imagehi. I need some help with the bot(FPS mode),i have no idea how to add waypoints,and how to control what bot i want
for example : /Addbot and he give me a random bot (playermodel7,playermodel0,playermodel4...)
i want control this

For Example : /Addbot Playermodel0 and he give me the bot with the playermodel0.
then next i need help with the Waypoints. in the map "Save The Princess" they fall every time. i need the "Waypoints" command.
For Example : /Waypoints walk or jump. and the bot go in the waypoint and walk(run) or jump.
and in many maps (like international airports) many things have a white texture with the "no Texture".but is another topic :) ....
the bots is cool.

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