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Bows and other RPG questions

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Bows and other RPG questions

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1. O.K. I think i'm starting to understand some off this code stuff, so i started working on a bow and arrow and was wondering how to do ammo for this...
2. How would you make a sword, like i looked around the forum but couldn't find any answers besides "It can't be done in 2.6" But i was wondering if it was possible now.
3. Could I make it so when you looked down you saw your body in first person? Or is that only in third person you can see yourself?
4. Can you make mining be possible? Like you get item pickax and if you hit it on a mining blocks there is a chance of getting a metal? Or even better make you actually go down in the ground?
5. How would you add or take away stats? Like if I could get mining to work, you could have a mining level?
6. And finally could i make stats work so if i defeated a monster or something it would level up just strength?
7. If "6" works then is there some code I could use to make it if I defeated a monster with a magic attack then it would level up magic and if I did it with a bow it would level up marksman?

I think sandbox is the most awesome program ever! I would really appreciate any help thanks! :D

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