Movement Tracking Dilemma

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Movement Tracking Dilemma

Postby lzilberm » June 22nd, 2012, 5:21 pm

Hi everybody,

I have a programming query: our lab is running learning experiments and we are using Sandbox for participants. The participants move through a virtual maze and I need to be able to track their movements via shifting of the optical mouse as they travel throughout the virtual world of the maze and proceed from start to finish, start to finish, start to finish.

Essentially I need to link the map of the maze in sandbox to a code or software that tracks the player's movments in real time, so I can retrieve a graph of data that tells me where the player was along the maze when they executed x or y decision, and can graphically trace the player's changes in distance across time as they learn to navigate the maze.

Feedback I've received thus far is: "real time sensor network" and parallel programming architecture. Working on those suggestions now, but would be sincerely appreciative of any help or suggestions you all have to give.



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