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md2 skin not rendering properly in Sandbox

Posted: August 19th, 2012, 2:30 am
by it9999
I am having a serious issue with the skin of my switch model. It is a md2 model. Here is an image of the problem

The skin renders properly on blender but the skin looks messed up on PAS. Do i have to arrange the UV's a certain way. I have the UV's seperated into triangles and positioned over the image so the skin renders properly on Blender but the position of the UV triangles must be misread by PAS. I look at the other complex mapmodels and the uv skin renders properly on blender and pas. the uv maps are set out as a net of the shapes. i dont know how to do that on blender. when i unwrap the faces are arranged as seperate uv triangles. I an building a game that i plan to sell later this year. If you are not sure how to help it is best to forward this issue to someone who is good at making mapmodels for sandbox. I am still learning how to do this and having issues will hold back the release of the game.

I tried to arrange the uvs in different combinations and some of the faces dont render properly or i might have some faces not rendering their skin or some faces only render one row of pixels so they appear as they were streched.

Re: md2 skin not rendering properly in Sandbox

Posted: August 20th, 2012, 12:22 pm
by northstar
i'm using blender 2.63 and i've never used 2.49... but... it looks to me like its set to 'object' instead of 'uv' in the mapping section (coordinate) of the texture section...