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Just installed 2.8

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Re: Just installed 2.8

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Hirato wrote:@ticker Windows is sort of the second class citizen - you've got tons of inconvenient BAT files, a stdout.txt (no console output), and development is rather cumbersome due to that and other factors...
But OS X, by comparison is the red-headed stepchild, and as such you're unfortunately by your lonesome.
But yeah, if you're using 2010 builds with PAS 2.8.0, released just days back, expect problems....

In any event, I would advise you to install a Linux distribution ( http://www.debian.org ) either along side OS X or inside a VM for running sandbox. I doubt anyone here can help you with mac troubles.
Thanks Hirato. Luckily Mariojinx has come through with an OSX version of 2.8 now, so my FPS map should run, at least. I'll also try your suggestion re linux in a VM window as I can now access Parallels for my desktop machine.