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Connecting machines over a network - problems

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Connecting machines over a network - problems

Post by MrJCBridge »


I'm new to Sandbox (only just discovered it yesterday) but I'm really impressed and am thinking of using it at my school (I'm an IT Teacher.). Before it's worth really trying anything though I want to make sure I know how to set up multi-player.

Now i'm testing it at home using my desktop and laptop which are connected via my router. Both can see and speak to each other (I've pinged in both directions using the IP addresses) and I've enabled the ports mentioned on the help page I found.

However when I run it and put in the relevant server and client details into the launcher the program is getting no farther. The server runs fine (just starts up in edit mode) but the client can't connect to the server as it doesn't appear to see it.

Any help would be good thanks. I'm using the latest Windows version that I downloaded yesterday.

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Re: Connecting machines over a network - problems

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You should sent Hirato a PM, since he is the lead developer of Sandbox ;)
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Re: Connecting machines over a network - problems

Post by chocolatepie33 »

semi-correction, you should email Mike (the project lead of Sandbox, he kind of tells everyone else what to do) at PlatinumArts@gmail.com. Well, at least you should contact mike if you're gonna take it to school.

As for the router thing, sure, you could try PMing Hirato, but he's usually pretty busy developing. Maybe he'll answer here.
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Re: Connecting machines over a network - problems

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It definitely work :D
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