Need Help With Custom Keyboard Only Controls

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Need Help With Custom Keyboard Only Controls

Postby DreamBliss » December 19th, 2012, 5:53 am

I would like to map the controls for the mouse to my laptop keyboard the following way:

G+PAGEUP = Increase grid size
G+PAGEDOWN = Decrease grid size
PAGEUP = Raise Cubes/Terrain
PAGEDOWN = Lower Cubes/Terrain

Currently for some odd reason these last two are reversed when simply bound to MOUSE4 and 5. Additional commands are needed to either make the grid increase/decrease the opposite of the mousewheel up/down actions for cubes and terrain, or to make the mousehweel up/down actions fo cubers and terrain the reverse of the controls for increase/decrease grid.

Here's the trickiest one... Currently I have END bound to MOUSE3 AKA the Middle Mouse Button. But it is very difficult to select multiple vertices. I would like to have it work one of two ways:

1. Pressing END places the user in vertex select mode, and they stay there until END (or SPACEBAR) is pressed again. The user and the cursor are free to move around so the user can simply look at the corners they wish to push/pull.

2. Pressing and holding END works like pressing and holding MOUSE1 (left click), but for vertex editing. The user releases END to finish the selection. MOUSE2 (right click) extends the selection.

I know these actions can be bound in some way in autoexec.cfg. How do I do this? Anyone have a .cfg where no-mouse controls have already been added?

No, I can't just go buy a mouse at this time. Until I manifest the reality of the money I have already created I just use an old laptop on my lap. So for now it's keyboard only for me.
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