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How to publish a game?

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How to publish a game?

Post by SectionGamingtriva »

Hello I would like to publish a game I just dont know how yet. I dont want to make it a steam green light game i just want it where its a .app or .exe want ever the file name is double click it and it launches the game how do i do that?
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Re: How to publish a game?

Post by Mr. Brightside »

From what I understood... You want to make a game just like the others; simply unzip and play/install and play.

And you want it public; that everyone can find and download it, am I right?

Well if I'm so, then what you should do is to record a video on your game, nd then upload it to YouTube; pay special attention to the Video details, that's where you can place the keywords (Tags). You can try placing "FREE PC game" and don't forget to put "Freeware" and the system requierements.

For the hosting of your file, try "Sourceforge.net" or if you want another one Google "Free hosting service".

Before uploading your game to the web check all of its features, make sure it's free of crashes, hangups and any other undesired action. Compress your file into ".7z" file type; (Use 7-Zip software).