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Trying to learn the game coding for quests

Posted: December 19th, 2013, 2:41 pm
by Dozer
Hello I am diving into the art of coding for the Sandbox and I am looking for several simple quests codes to compare so I can try to replicate the similarities and create my own quest code within the same parameters. Yesterday I tried my hand at dialogue boxes and I was quite successful after a few trial and error codes. It would be greatly appreciated if you include a //for abbreviation definitions, such as //guibar, I do not know what bar stands for but I do realize that it puts a line break between the guitext and guibuttons. Any sample script will help, I have looked at the village.cfg but even though I could read it and make sense of most of the quest script I still had a hard time learning the step-by-step process of writing the parameters of the quest. Any help will do! Once I learn the basic coding of the Sandbox I plan to make a YouTube series for beginners to Platinum Arts, I plan to show the viewers that the coding may seem intimidating but once you learn the process it can become second nature. I myself already have found muscle memory in writing quest dialogue and I have only written 80 lines or so. Please help me to help others! If this is for kids, let them be able to learn, I'm 23 and I find that Platinum Arts drives my creativity and hunger for mental stimulation. If a 13 year old me had this amount of creativity I would know coding, modeling, and animation. and a *heck* of a lot more than I know now! Share the knowledge so we can show children and adults alike about the learning tool Platinum Arts Sandbox.