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Sandbox quits under Win 8?

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Sandbox quits under Win 8?

Post by CatsRMyLife »

Hello, I've been a user of Sandbox for a while now and have transitioned over to a new computer with Windows 8 x64. I've never had a problem running the game maker on other 64-bit machines, but apparently each time I load any game mode the app attempts to be loading files and randomly quits.

I've followed advice on compiling source code with Code::Blocks, but it looks like I get an error in the build log, "Process terminated with status 3 (0 minute(s), 15 second(s))".

Any solutions?

Or is it possible for someone to update PAS under Downloads so it works for Win 8 x64 so one can get started right away?
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Re: Sandbox quits under Win 8?

Post by hu4mx »

I just installed it in my Surface Pro and won't work. Help Pleaseee!!!