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Cannot connect to LAN multiplayer server

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Cannot connect to LAN multiplayer server

Post by brylie »

I am unable to connect two locally networked Linux computers, both using Sandbox 2.8.2.

I have read the Cooperative Editing instructions (circa 2011) on the wiki, and could not find the "native_server" executable as I did not compile my own source.

To attempt to set up a multiplayer server, I follow these steps:

1) Start sandbox on both laptops using "sandbox_unix -t"
2) On one computer, click Multiplayer and then Mastermode
3) On the second computer click Multiplayer, then the server IP for the other computer

I then get the following error message:
"you are using a different game protocol (you: 9, server: 7)"
How do I change the protocol for either of the computers so that they match?
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Re: Cannot connect to LAN multiplayer server

Post by Hirato »

Those instructions need updating.
Easiest way to run a server is to use sandbox_unix --server.
You can also use /startlistenserver or a similar command in game to set up a server.

I have no idea why the protocol is mismatched though if you're using 2.8.2 on both, I can only conclude one of them is older.
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