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A couple of questions.

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A couple of questions.

Post by Gorakka »

Hello folks, I've been attempting to get into the world of game creation, But I've got no coding skills, and no art skills. So I'm trying to start off small and learn as I go.

I've got a couple of questions regarding Sandbox Game maker.

1. Am I able to release a game I've created, If I deem it worthy? both commercially and non commercially.

2. Is it possible to move my game from this engine, to unity if I wanted to?

3. Does this engine come with a combat system? or do I need to figure out how to code one? (FPS/Swords(Hack and slash)
Kind of like the legend of zelda games, (ABS)

Thank you.
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Re: A couple of questions.

Post by northstar »

i'm no expert on this so don't quote me, but...

1. yes you can create a commercial game but most of the models and textures are for non-commercial use so you would have to make your own... and i think sandbox and sauerbraten would get a piece of the action if you go big...

2. unity is it's own entity game-wise with its own scripting language, but i believe you could make the map and import the heightmap into unity, but i'm not sure about that either...

3. sandbox is more for kids and a lot of the combat has been removed, the base engine sauerbraten cube2 is more for combat... a sword can be coded in as a weapon, but third person involves a lot of work... i believe 'windastella' has a way to bring in a sword on his website... but you must be prepared to spend a lot of sleepless nights in the gameing industry...

all of that said... sandbox is a great way to get your feet wet, so to speak...

best of luck on your endeavors