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Schools Using Sandbox Official List

Posted: June 21st, 2009, 12:41 pm
by Mike
I'm going to be trying to compile a list of all the schools using Sandbox. If you use Sandbox in your school and/or know places using Sandbox please me know! You can make a new post and tell us all about it! This thread is locked just so I can keep it organized but you can post in the general forum. Thanks and take care!
NOTE: Sandbox has been used in many other schools and sites in presentations. Please see that list here:

School Using/Have Used Sandbox
Aurora Public Schools in Colorado &
Click and Learn Adventures - Technology Classes for kids 2 1/2 - 7!
C3 CyberClub in Ashburn VA - Sandbox afterschool and summer programs! -
Palmdale High School in California
Ballston Spa
Taylor College in Malaysia - Subject Of A Game Design Contest as well where you can only use Sandbox ... 009&news=2
Software package sent to 500 German Schools featuring Sandbox
Scotia Glenville Middle School
Catholic High
Stroud College in Gloucestershire, UK
Aims College For Kids
Mildred Elley College and Mildred Elley College Summer Camp
Middle School in Illinois (was asked not to list the specific school)