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Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8 Beta Feedback Forum

Posted: July 23rd, 2012, 4:35 pm
by Mike
Let us know what you think and any problems you encounter! Thanks!

Re: Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8 Beta Feedback Forum

Posted: July 23rd, 2012, 4:44 pm
by jSoftApps
The scoreboard is a little bit glitchy. Also the checkpoints in sp don't work.

Re: Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8 Beta Feedback Forum

Posted: July 23rd, 2012, 4:55 pm
by Mike
Can you be a little more detailed than just saying "glitchy" that doesn't tell me much. I'll have to test checkpoints but they only have ever worked in single player.

Re: Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8 Beta Feedback Forum

Posted: July 23rd, 2012, 5:00 pm
by jSoftApps
OK. For me, the scoreboard doesn't subtract frags when you die. I don't know if you planned this or if it is a glitch.

I guess the checkpoints DID work :oops: . Maybe I did something wrong when I made my map. IDK

Re: Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8 Beta Feedback Forum

Posted: July 23rd, 2012, 5:13 pm
by Mike
Why would it subtract frags when you die?

Re: Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8 Beta Feedback Forum

Posted: July 23rd, 2012, 5:15 pm
by jSoftApps
That's how sauer did it (or used to do it)

Re: Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8 Beta Feedback Forum

Posted: July 24th, 2012, 4:15 am
by Hirato
Unless calimer wants to put this on the home page or in the first post, here's the full changelog for 2.8.0 so far

Code: Select all

PAS 2.8.0 Changes

* Assorted RPG related icons from Tony

* removed smpeg and mikmod dlls - this means MP3 and mod tracks can no longer be played
* Updated bundled version of SDL libs, this provides support for flac audio tracks and webp images

* Removed 3dgui
* Significant work on UI
* introduction of freecursor variables, default setting is 1; 0 disallows free movement, 1 frees the cursor when the UI is open and 2 frees it at all times
* UIOverlay type which accepts no input
* significantly improved Text Editor, based on the patches from Eduardo Terol
* Tooltips
* split animations into engine specific portion (idle, forward) and game specific portions (attack, block, taunt)
* new decals and particles, mainly for "WaterGun Wars"

* reintegration of weapon subsystems
* new map, Snowcourt by Kid_Matthew

* overhaul item system - allows dynamic and varying values (ie Diablo), all items will still stack where possible.
* new inventory management system - items are now managed as sets of identical bases
* numerous script changes related to item code, the like of r_drop and r_equip now require T_INV references.
* references now support lists; additional items can be pushed onto the end or removed from a random place. Index is specified by ref:idx, idx is assumed to be 0 when not specified for most commands.
* r_script_signalappend command, this allows you to register extra commands per signal. For example an entity may use this to get a more specialised inventory on top of the basics for his type.
* don't use static templates for characters/triggers/containers/obstacles/platforms. Definitions are now used as dynamic templates.
* global vairables are now of the string type - shouldn't break existing code
* models are now queued for preloading when assigned.
* numerous new and functional interfaces for the UI system.
    * Includes trade and looting!
    * paperdoll equipment UI with by slot filtering for equipment
* implemented merchant types, with trading rates, multiple currencies and even store credit.
* Item categories are now defined as a stand alone item
* use dynamic limits for applicable types, like faction and merchant.
* map and newmap will now just return, rather than start the default game when no game's in progress.
* commands to query the values of the delta stats (values changed via buffs)
* rudimentary journal system; implemented as named buckets in which each contain multiple entries
* "r_hudline" text for displaying important messages on screen, currently used to inform you of level ups.
* Dialogue system is now node based - the command has been changed to r_script_node from r_script_say. Note the syntax is different so update your dialogue accordingly.
* Ammunition can now be recovered for projectile based and thrown weapons.
* Items that collide will now merge into a single stack, provided they're the same item (should help with performance).
* throttle item and obstacle physics updates to once every 5 seconds if it is not airborne or has a velocity below 1 u/s, in addition align items with the ground, should improve performance as well.
* areaeffects can now utilise lensflares and dynamic lights from their associated particle effect.
* new references are now made in the first reference stack. To create a new reference in the current stack (if it doesn't exist there), use r_local. This behaviour change was made to mirror cubescript.
* removed commands r_loop_equip and r_get_status_group - they were effectively useless in light of recent changes.

Generic Bugfixes
* Fixed missing preview for text (type 8) particles and crash while previewing type 11 particles;

FPS related bugfixes
* fix for adddynlights when checking entities with no attributes
* fix for disconnects when talking in multiplayer

RPG related bugfixes since 2.7.1
* fixed crash in the renderer when starting a game after aborting one
* fixed recipe requirements calculations
* fixed possible memory corruption when trying to use a reference of T_ITEM (rpgitem) as one of type T_INV
* fixed possible crash with the non-temporary T_INV references when using r_destroy on its container.
* fixed behaviour when aborting during game initialisation; you'll no longer be thrown into an empty map.
* fixed memory leak when creating uses of type use_weapon or use_armour
* fixed possible crash and weirdness from restoring rpgtrigger timestamps where lasttrigger > lastmillis would be true.
* fixed possible issues when using r_select commands to select something of another type, when the inferred index is out of range.
* fixed character status effects to not reset the attributes until right before the next iteration for status effects as opposed to the end of the update cycle; broke hpregen and mpregen buffs and the disply of deltas.
* fixed restoring savegames in which factinos have a saved relationship
* fixed incorect read/write order for an areaeffect's owner and its location

* Cubescript compiler tweaks
* local command for restricting variables to a cubescript block
* collect game mutator for the FPS
* assorted bugfixes
* fixed lightmap blurring
* servcmd for the FPS for server mods

Re: Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8 Beta Feedback Forum

Posted: July 24th, 2012, 2:45 pm
by chocolatepie33
jSoftApps wrote:That's how sauer did it (or used to do it)

actually, I thought they just subtracted for suicides and team kills.

one bug I've found with WW is that the damage screen still refers to packages/hud, as found in stdout.txt:

Code: Select all

could not load texture packages\hud\damage.png

EDIT: after a bit of playing/practice/testing on Snowcourt, I noticed that bots don't move at all when you spawn them. Is that just when spawning them, or is that a bug?

Re: Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8 Beta Feedback Forum

Posted: July 26th, 2012, 2:53 pm
by kddekadenz
I have to ask it:
When 2.8 is going to be released?
I want the HUD guns and selling and buying :cry:

Re: Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8 Beta Feedback Forum

Posted: July 26th, 2012, 7:31 pm
by Hirato
2.8.0 will probably be released in a week or two.
I'll probably get calimer to upload a second beta today which should just be an update to the much smaller binary package.

If no one finds any more obvious bugs for a few days, we'll release 2.8.0 which will basically be the same as the 2nd beta.
If you guys do find some more bugs, we'll do the 2.8.0 release and release another package for beta users to bring it up to parity with the release.