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Hello ,peeples

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Name: Joe

Hello ,peeples

Post by Botuts »

Hello, I'm Joe but you can call me Botuts i am very new to the sandbox and hope i will be able to create some interesting stuff.

one thing i am trying to figure is how to add your own music, the instructions on the site don't make much sense to me.
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Re: Hello ,peeples

Post by shadow09231990 »

hello botuts the way you make sound is quite simple. all you do is go to the config file of your map and add the following:

music "name of song"

now you dont need the quotes but you need to have the song in the music directory of sandbox. you also need to specify the type of file it is such as mp3,wav,ogg. and etc. so it would actually look like this:

music shoutatthedevil.ogg

i dont know if you can put spaces in the name i just put what the file is called exactly. hope that helps you out.
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Re: Hello ,peeples

Post by Obsidian »

Most likely, if there are spaces in the name, you have to wrap the filename in quotes.

github: https://github.com/damianb/
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Re: Hello ,peeples

Post by Chaze007 »

All I can say is.
Welcome To Sandbox!