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oh hai ther guise

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oh hai ther guise

Post by gimis »

my name is gimis and i hate grammar, i hope this is a place were i can be free of punctuation and capitalization forever and ever!!

If not, its no big deal.

anyways i just wanted to say hi!, that i have been making games here and there, learned a little proggy lingo, and found this site!

im completely new to sandbox tho and could really use a good place to start if anyone kno's any good reading for a beginner i would mucho appreciate.

thanks everybody!

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Re: oh hai ther guise

Post by owenisred »

Hey gimis! Welcome to the forums!

Heres a couple of links you might be interested in:

Forum rules


Sandbox Wiki

http://sandboxgamemaker.com/wiki/index. ... =Main_Page

My Site


Hope I helped :)
I'm taking modelling requests again - any models you want created,skinned or animated (or all 3) leave a post here:


My tutorial site - still under construction, but lots of good stuff there:

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Re: oh hai ther guise

Post by Runescapedj »

Hi, you could use owens site to start off, and maybe I can give you some beginner help:
Press E to enter edit mode
Press Esc to enter the menu, if you're in edit mode, you can choose Newmap, the size can be set on 11 to start off with
You can select some ground with clicking LMB + dragging or by clicking the right mouse button twice (last one is useful for selecting shapes and copy and paste them to other places.
Press H after selecting some ground to enter heighfieldmode, scroll to create things like mountains
Press G to change Grid size (The square you're using), be carefull though, if you use heighfieldmode on the same places on different grid sizes, you get messed up land, which doesn't look too good
If you want to know more keybinds, like for Ramps or so, Press Esc, click on Help, and click on Keybinds

Hope this helps you