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Name: Marko


Postby BR_Marko3 » November 1st, 2011, 3:28 am

That word says alot of me out =D
I'm brazilian, luv doing maps for games, made for Half life 1 and mods(CS, TFC, Ricochet), Half life2 and mods (CSS, TF2), Age of Empires2, warcraft 3, GTA:VC, GTA:SA and a ton of games you would'nt know =P but they're good (such as Total Anihilation:Kingdoms and Outlive, a brazilian plagiary of starcraft II [I'm serious, google/YouTube it if you don't trust me...]).
Love doing mods, love programing, in C/Java and this particular program you're all using specially called my atention. I've being used 3DSMax for creating models a time ago (deleted them for formatting pc ¬¬') but now i found (finally) someway to put all that thing to work... (even if I have to remake all of it >.<")
Anyways I'm Marko and I'll be glad to help any1 in map making for the games I told up here, specially for Half-Life and alikes...

Greetings every1

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