my presentatio - that's no good

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my presentatio - that's no good

Postby Gioacco95 » November 17th, 2011, 4:31 am

[SPOILER]i use google traslator for the title :) for the rest i make all by me [/SPOILER]

Hi,im an OLD user of PlatinumArts Sandbox,and i love that. im a ...i have no idea. i love this game,i have an Ask(im indecided to put im in the spoiler...): can you make more player model?

[SPOILER]Sonic,Shadow,Tails,Knuckles,Silver,MetalSonic(and all rest),Mario(and all rest) ;)[/SPOILER]

im putting all my ideas (i worked on for many time[long time]) and,can you make a level from Half-life 1(black mesa) ?
and a thing where you say "/bot" like : "/bot Playermodel0 Waypoint". "/spawn
or a thing like that.and i see the old Basic bot(the bot what you must make the waypoints) how to use that?
And a MultiPlayer System.(lan = private - Internet = pubblic)
Private : insert ip,and pass(if you want the pass)
pubblic : in the Servers List
sorry if i bother you.
all the best

i want to Advertis this game on AnimeDB <- that is the link ;) :) :mrgreen:

p.s. : is my first topic, dont kick,ban,kill me please
p.p.s. :im italian,so sorry my SOO poor english
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