klimyriad is back

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klimyriad is back

Postby BleakMedia » August 28th, 2012, 9:57 am

Hey all it's me Klimyriad a old member of the support team, now you could just call me a newbie as I more or less forgot quite alot of things about PAS, But I sure I catch back on easily.

So I am back and to make a grand entrance me and the rest of my team over at Bleak Media are going to make a small game called Roma City before Sunday 9PM GMT + 0 (English Time). we are going to start tonight (Tuesday) at 9PM GMT+0 (English time) and live stream us making it as well. Oh and I forgot to mention that we are using PAS :).

I will be making a thread just for this soon, and will provide more info about the game also any help with this game would be awesome.

Liam (AKA klimyriad)

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