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Posted: September 2nd, 2013, 2:20 am
by Shade
Hello i am new to this game engine/maker and i say hello to all

i am attempting to learn this program and i hope to make a half decent ( atleast not *censored*) Rpg Hack n slash ( if possible) as my 1st Project ever currently on Brainstorming stage
i am the only one working on it as i do not have any friends who want to help
also i honestly don't know how to work on such a project with multiple people

Couple of questions
what all can i do with this engine/gamemaker?

is a FPS Zombie Game Possible?
hope so in my opinion there are not enough fps zombie games

any good tutorails for FPS modeling texturing etc that are meant for this engine/gamemaker and for a total beginner ( in all things )