Any one interested in making a D&D style RPG?

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Any one interested in making a D&D style RPG?

Postby Dozer » December 17th, 2013, 6:02 pm

Hello my name is DJ, AKA Dozer.

I am creating a RPG that relies heavily on "if/then" dialogue and character customization. It will have adventure/exploration as well as quests.

As far as the quest lines go they will be based majorly on "if/then" choices of the characters class.

Ex. A Ranger would start in a wooded area with maybe a simple quest of killing a deer with his bow. Whereas a Cleric would start in a church with a simple quest to retrieve Brother Valen from the Serenity Pool, once the player gets to the Serenity Pool he notices that Brother Valen seems to be unconscious and he needs to use his Spell of Revitalization to awaken Brother Valen.

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Re: Any one interested in making a D&D style RPG?

Postby Wind Astella » December 21st, 2013, 11:47 pm

Well I'm interested to join by characters modeler but I'm in my own project now... If need custom model maybe you can pm me but don't rely on me much because I rarely online.. Make a great game!

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