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Returning to Sandbox!

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Name: Matt
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Returning to Sandbox!

Post by Matt »

Hello, everyone!!

It's been a few years and I've returned to rejoin the Sandbox community.
I'm SORRY but, I didn't get any further with the TITANIC project, even though I really had fun with it.
I had to make a new user because, for some reason I can't log back into Ayreon.

Are there still days we connect and build stuff for fun? I sure miss getting creative!
How is everyone doing, what have I missed..?!

- Matt
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Wind Astella
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Re: Returning to Sandbox!

Post by Wind Astella »

There were a lot of hype last year about PAS 3.0 last year but it die out eventually. This forum really need more activity to restore it to its former glory.
There is still project worth exploring if you're still interested with PAS. Like Lamiae by Hirato https://github.com/hirato/lamiae . And some promised project that were never released.

The is in my opinion need a boost by the user, and more project forked from PAS. That is the forum situuation now other than constant bombardment by spammers ^^

I still love the project till now <3