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workflow on making models / makehuman->blender->PAS (pt1)

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workflow on making models / makehuman->blender->PAS (pt1)

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ATTENTION Makehuman and this post may not be appropriate for kids as it contains nude figures. Parental permission required!! This post contains a picture of a non gender humanoid figure.

hi all,

i've made some experiments with makehuman. as pas and moviecube has a lag of character models i want to introduce an easy way to create models using makehuman and blender.

makehuman 0.9.1rc1

a bunch of good video tutorials about working with makehuman models in blender you can find here. the tutorials covering the rigging part:
http://www.youtube.com/user/ArtER21, which will come in pt2 of this article.

do some tweaks and experiments until youre satisfied with the result
export your model as collada model. you can import it in blender. it will also import the armature which is a very good starting point for the rigging stuff and a funny skeleton model.


go into import menu and choose collada import (1.4)
import your model (mesh.dae) click [import and close]
after import is completed you will see your model.
delete all unused scenes in your project:
Scene (Kamera/Light)
rename the Scene with your Model (Scene001->MyScene)

select all objects in the Scene (model, armature ...) and rotate it -90° around x axis
select your model, go into edit mode and press P => separate by material
select head and body and move them to a different layer
join your body and head, you can separate them leater again
(rename the mesh)
now split your mesh that only the right side is left
delete all unused vertices inside the head (teeths etc.)

Reduce Polys:
now all preparations are comlete. as you see our model is very high poly. (i had 8902 Vertices 26603 Edges 17698 Faces) i tried to import such a model into PAS. it was working, but when i imported 20 of these models, PAS sometimes crashes.
so there's an easy and conrollable way how to reduce the polys of a mesh, its called "Poly Reducer" and you will find it if you go into edit mode:
EditMode->Mesh->Scripts->Poly Reducer
with this script you can use weight painting to controll in which areas you want to reduce polygons. maybe you still want a high poly head and a more low poly body you can do this by using this script.

do the following:
add a mesh group and name it "Weight". switch into weight paint mode and use pensil to draw influence of the reduction on your model:

weight: 1 (red) -> no influence / no polys are reduced
weight: 0 (blue) -> full influence / reduces by given amount (0.5 is standard)

you can also use the "Link and Materials" to asign weight to your model

if this is done, open the "Poly Reducer" Script. Select "VGroupWeightin" and type the name of the group used for weight painting. then click ok.

you can repeat this the hole procedure until youre satisfied with the result. at the end i got only 1502 vertices left with my gnome model.

putting all together:
align the left vertices to x=0 before you duplicate the right side of the model:

From blender wiki:
Align a selection of vertices on a plane
If you want to perfectly align a selection of vertices on a plane, you just have to follow these little steps:
1.) Before you are selecting the vertices you want to align, position your 3D cursor in the plane that you want to align to (you could select the 4 vertices of a big plane and hit Shift+S / Cursor->Selection for example, but you can position it anywhere)
2.) Now select those vertices you want to align
3.) Choose "3D Cursor" under "Rotation/Scaling Pivot"
4.) Now with the [S]-key start scaling mode, hit the key of the axis you want to move the vertices on (X,Y,Z)
5.) Holding down the Ctrl-Key, you can now move the vertices in one line towards the cursor, until the value for the chosen axis is 0.000. Alternatively, just enter, using the keyboard, the scale factor you want (0 in this case) .
6.) Hit LMB. The vertices are perfectly aligned along a plane through the 3D cursor.

if this is done duplicate all vertices. now press [s] - [x] - [-1] to mirror the side. remove all doubles.



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Re: workflow on making models / makehuman->blender->PAS (pt1

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Thanks For the tutorial :3

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Re: workflow on making models / makehuman->blender->PAS (pt1

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i like makehuman... sweet... i'll tuck that in my back pocket
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