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Running a Server in Linux

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Running a Server in Linux

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It took me forever to find this myself, so i figured all the other linux users might want to know this as well.

First, you need to setup you computer with a static IP address, so that it wont have server problems. Try google searching "Setting up a static ip adresse in ubuntu" and change ubuntu to the name of the OS you are using. Linux has to many differences in this area for me to put/link to a tutorial to do that.

Next, You need to know these things:
what arch your computer is. if its 32, you in luck. if its 64, you have to compile the server yourself. (I have no idea how to do THAT)
What type of server you want, eg rpg fps or movie.

Next, CD to the folder that PAS is in. I have it on my desktop, so the code looks like this:

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cd ~/Desktop/PlatinumArtsSandbox2.6

then, run this code in the terminal

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change fps to the mode you want it in. This will set up a server for you. Tell me if you have any problems!
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