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Good shadered textures

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Good shadered textures

Post by Calinou »

Hello for this TUT TUT !

Here i explain how to create bump-specmap-parallax-(glow)-world. Long, isn't it ?

First, use Irfanview (4.22 here, but not the lastest version)

First, use the original image (diffuse)

Use this filter to create parallax map (offset map) Image > Effects viewer > Relief

Then use the effect Image > Effects > median fliter

And save the image with suffix ...z or ..._z

Use this filter, after : Image >Effects > Edge detection

Then save the texture with suffix ...s or ..._s

Close Irfanview : open paint.net (download free at www.getpaint.net )

Look on google for : paint.net normal map plugin

And download at the first link

Place the dll at install link, create a folder named "effects". place the dll in this folder.

Use normal plugin with taskbar > effects > color > normal map

Values : x = 0.3000, y = 0.5600, z = 0.1000

save with ...n or ..._n

Thats'all folks !
Calinou :)
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