Need help about talking to NPC

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Re: Need help about talking to NPC

Postby azure11 » January 15th, 2012, 10:09 am

Thanks for helping me all, but i have do what you say.
I have create critter and save it in critter folder (rpg\game\tutorial\critters) and also i have do the same way in scripts (game\rpg\tutorial\scripts)

This is my critter:

r_char_name "Hasyawau"
r_char_mdl "ogre"
r_char_script 1 (this is critter 0.cfg)

Script 1.cfg is for critter 0.cfg and i have made script 0.cfg in script folder but i just write //null....

Where is the problem???

Sorry for triple post, it's because my connection problem. (just 7kbps.. zzzz)

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