Exporting From DeleD To Sandox - Issues and Settings

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Exporting From DeleD To Sandox - Issues and Settings

Postby DreamBliss » December 10th, 2012, 9:19 am

So in this 3 part tutorial series I go over the sizing between DeleD and Sandbox. I touch briefly on DeleD export and Sandbox import. More detailed tutorial(s) on that will come later.

I show you how to set up DeleD to work with Sandbox, and I give you a little homework, to determine if Sandbox player height is 80 or 96 units in DeleD. But as I don't go over the Sandbox import stuff very well don't sweat it if you need more information. It's more of a challenge for advanced students. As I said I am manifesting another video or video series going specifically over DeleD export to Sandbox import.

Here are the links to the Sizes and Scaling series:

As always your feedback is welcome and appreciated!
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