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Blender to Sandbox: step by step

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Re: Blender to Sandbox: step by step

Post by chocolatepie33 »

@writer: try putting the python file under blender2.49 > scripts or wherever dan says to (I use the 2.5x versions, so I'm not real sure), then try using the export menu.

@kooldoode: doesn't matter, installer installs it on your computer (C:\ProgramFiles), zip file is more portable (and better if you're not an admin)
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Re: Blender to Sandbox: step by step

Post by Oachi »

Put the script in the .blender/scripts directory and it should automatically show up in the exporter menu, though im not sure exactly where .blender is on Ubuntu (did you install it using APT or download the tar of blender.org?)
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Re: Blender to Sandbox: step by step

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Can you put all this into a .doc/.rtf/.docx file so I can read this offline? thanks in advance.
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