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UNNAMED - TestMaps - GI & HQ Maps

Posted: June 7th, 2010, 8:31 am
by Torben
Hi there,

here you find two of my Pre-Maps.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

In 1999 I wrote a Shortstory in three chapters. PAS seems to be the right tool to transform the story into a 3D Adventure Game. I have tested PAS not in every regards but what I saw was great. So after a long journey through a bunch of programs and applets, PAS is as a Standalone the best choice. Well, you know ! ;)

I am not a real coder. So I hope there will be some people for a nice team-work.
I saw a lot of good things in here ! Thx to Esequiel14 who gave me a good start.
At the moment I am preparing mappings for walls and roofs in HQ and LQ.
Most of them will be free in the package.

Every Chapter is a standalone Game. The Release of chapter One and Two will be free for everyone because they are not that big (about one or two hours playing time). Chapter three will be more extensive... is not my intension to earn money with this project, on the other hand I see no problem if artist and coders earn money to investigate in following projects. I hope this was not to economical, because that is still not my intension :D ...I like sandboxing so much and I just wanted to be realistic. So back to Chapter One and Two. Here is a very, ...very short desciption

Chapter One - A Pirates Bird
On his accidental journey the avatar chrashes on the moon Sheba.
There he have to find his way out of an scientis-station.

Chapter Two - The White Island
For unstated resons the journey continues in the year 1742 in a strange monestary (chruch, garden and beach).

Chapter Three - Unamed
The near future - our Avatar awakes in a flat. He seems to be not himself and a look on a ID Card seems to confirm his suspicion. It is the year 2083.

Before uploading my package with further deatils (Story, Quest, Maps), I will have to translate at least the main story into english words, yup by the way..sometimes I speak english while do not stop thinking german.... :lol:
If there are any questions, let me know.

Oh, I forgot, though the scenes all look very dark and sombre the game will have some humor comments.
I try to find a way for a atmospheric but funny game. I do not know if you like the old Sierra Games like Heros Quest and other ??

Have a nice day !


Re: UNNAMED - TestMaps - GI & HQ Maps

Posted: June 7th, 2010, 10:55 am
by Runescapedj
I really like it, but I don't think anybody want to pay for your game, I won't do it myself, but maybe that's because I can't run TGC because it won't quit and my pc crashes when I try, but I definitly going to try part 1 and maybe 2, do you have any idea of the price of 3?

Keep up the good work!

Re: UNNAMED - TestMaps - GI & HQ Maps

Posted: June 7th, 2010, 11:30 am
by GR1M
I see you have great potential!, where did you get those textures? Also welcome to the team! i see you've already pretty well adapted to Sandbox :)

Re: UNNAMED - TestMaps - GI & HQ Maps

Posted: June 10th, 2010, 4:27 am
by Torben
@ Runescapedj

Thx for your offer. I'd be glad to!
What is the meaning of TGC related to the context ? :roll:

Well, a prize for part three, I never thought about it,...maybe five bucks ?!
I only mentioned it besides because it is one posssibilty.
There are a lot of technical questions for part three. I am not sure if it's
possible to create part three in PAS in that qualtiy which will be needed.

@ GR1M

I am pleased to hear that. The textures for walls and roofs are made by myself.
Though it looks good in the video there are a lot of mistakes in the maps.
I bought the groundtextures several years ago in a texture package and arranged them
for the respective application.
At the moment I am working on a special roof tile. We call it MönchNonne (monknun).
But it is not easy with the bump. When it's ready I will upload it for further tests.

Have a nice day

Re: UNNAMED - TestMaps - GI & HQ Maps

Posted: June 10th, 2010, 8:51 am
by arcones
Torben wrote:There are a lot of technical questions for part three. I am not sure if it's
possible to create part three in PAS in that qualtiy which will be needed.

Well, you can ask to see if it's possible ;)

TGC is The Golden Coin. A free offline RPG. Damiandj is on version 0.400 but he's going to work on Sandbox' first commercial project now.

Re: UNNAMED - TestMaps - GI & HQ Maps

Posted: June 10th, 2010, 11:09 am
by Runescapedj
Yeah, maybe you can search for his topic to download it? You can try it out, onfurtunatly, it won't quit properly on my pc and it laggs

Re: UNNAMED - TestMaps - GI & HQ Maps

Posted: June 11th, 2010, 8:50 am
by Torben
@ arcones

:D ok, three questions ! I have not read every tutorial yet, so maybe they have been answered long time ago.

For part one and two it is not important but in three it would be great if there's a implemented free video codec
to have rendered videosequences that narrates the story between the action parts.

Is it possible to have a footstep-sound-editor. I would like to do the recordings of different step-sounds.
Without some nice footsteps sounds the game environment will be less atmospheric. :o

Is it possible to change the worldsize afterwards ? My first part has a 16 for it's size.
I want to have it a littel bit smaller...yes, I admit, I start working in PAS without reading the taboo-list.

There will be some more questions and it is very important for me to read more proceedings about the
work with PAS. So, I am glad if you can help me.

@ Runescapedj
Ups, now I understand. Is it a bug in the game or is the game oversized and what sort of PC are you using ?
I will have a look at TGC immediately. By the way, everyone in the forum should get all parts of the game for free.
I am interested to see what happened if you put a nice package of all three parts with extra information in a rendered video for a real low prize on the market. I love playing free and commercials games. Some of them are very good for all technical details but for my part I stopped playing "AC2" at 80% and get my "Sword of the Samurai" to have fun.
So, let you know what will happen in TGC.

In some posts I read about translation work. If there is any question for a english2german translation, let me know.

Have a nice day

Re: UNNAMED - TestMaps - GI & HQ Maps

Posted: June 13th, 2010, 9:14 am
by Runescapedj

Maybe it's just because I'm using 2 Intel 1.6 GHz processors, and I can't run Call of Duty 2 on it which needs 1.4 GHz because I have the wrong processors, maybe that's with TGC 2

Re: UNNAMED - TestMaps - GI & HQ Maps

Posted: June 19th, 2010, 12:15 pm
by Torben
@ Runescapedj

I am not quite sure, you requires at least a CPU @ 1,4 GHz /512 MB for CoD2.
To optimize all features in the game a CPU @ 2,5 / 1GB is needed.
I do not know why your 2xCPU @ 1,6 GHz isn't working for that game.

I have tested the PAS Editor on a simple P4 @ 2,53Ghz and a GeForce MX 420 / 1GB.
I had seven frames per second. :shock:

The normal workstation is a Quad CPU at 2,4GHz with a GeForce 8800GT / 4GB.
I tried TGC and the fps was normal. No problems.

Maybe it would be helpful to know on which type of PC TGC was created.
Were the problems inherent in TGC from the beginning, or did they occur somewhere along the way?

Have a nice day

UNNAMED - TestMaps - Roof

Posted: June 19th, 2010, 1:30 pm
by Torben
Here are some mappings I have made years ago and refined it now for PAS.
They aren't finished yet. So I will update them after a while.

I haven't finished my story stuff too. :roll:
But that doesn't matter...

Meanwhile here is a short video about a guy that I would like to take as the avatar.
Let me know, if you like him or not. My bips aren't really good and I did not manage to export them into md5.
The model was made by Joel Payne from

Have fun with the stuff