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Mapping Contest Submissions

Halloween Mapping Contest Entries
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Mapping Contest Submissions

Post by Obsidian »

To submit your entries for the Sandbox Mapping Contest, you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a new topic
    Click the new topic button when viewing the forum for the Sandbox Mapping Contest.
  2. Write your submission post
    Include a description of the map, the design, and anything else that is noteworthy.
  3. Make your map available to the community
    Include the link to the map's archive file, or you may upload it if it is under 512 KiB -- the board cannot handle larger downloads for security reasons
  4. Show a preview (not required)
    Create a screenshot of the map and upload it to the topic, so that the rest of the community can get a brief glimpse of what you have made.
  5. Create a poll so that your map can be rated by the judges
    Create a poll within the new topic page for the rating of your map. You can click the poll creation tab below the post entry area to view the options, then do the following:
    • Set "poll question" to

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      Rate my map (1 is poor, 5 is excellent)
    • Set "poll options" to the following:

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    • Leave "options per user" set as 1
    • Leave "run poll for" as 0 days
  6. Double-check that you've got everything right
    Make sure you have the package properly uploaded. Do a test download and make sure everything is intact.
    You may also want to create an md5 checksum of the file and make it available to everyone else, if you know how to.

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Re: Mapping Contest Submissions

Post by Hirato »

and refer to the Packaging Guide for any information on zipping up your map for submission

if you package it properly, it means we'll be in a better mood, and will most likely give your submission a better grade :P
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