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My Halloween Contest Entry 2011 - V1.1 (updated)

Posted: October 29th, 2011, 10:26 am
by David
This is my contest entry. Enjoy!

Click here to download my entry. Once the download is finished, extract the ZIP file. If you don't have a ZIP extractor, then click here to download TugZip to extract ZIP files.

Once it's done extracting, open up READ ME.txt for instructions how to look at my map, or read the section below.

Step 1: Make sure you've downloaded the file
Step 2. Extract the file, if you don't have a ZIP Extractor, the go to to download a FREE Zip compressor and de-compressor (ASK YOUR PARENTS' PERMISSION FIRST!)
Step 3: If the file successfully has been extracted, you can go on to installation.

Step 1: Copy the files that are located in 'Map' folder (select all files and copy)
"David Contest 2011-art.cfg" "David Contest 2011.ogz"

Step 2: Locate your PAS folder (The folder where you put or installed Sandbox in) -- Example: C:\PAS\
Step 3: Once you're in the folder, find the folder 'my_stuff' and open it.
Step 4: Find the folder 'packages' and open it.
Step 5: Once inside, find and open the folder 'base'
NOTICE: Depending on your version, all or some maps might be separated by the type of game mode when saved -- Example RPG, FPS, etc.
Step 6: Inside, paste the files you've copied from 'Map' folder
Step 7: Run PAS
Step 8: Once PAS is fully loaded, click 'Load Map' then click on 'My Maps'
Step 9: Find the map called 'David Contest 2011' and open it.
Step 10: Run around my map, don't forget to vote!!

v 1.1 : Some modifications
- Redid the stairs
- Redid the porch pillars (made them round)
- Added lights
- Added rats, and barrels in the secret place :o
- Able to goto 3rd floor
- Added those long stairs in front of the house, aka; the walkway path??
- Changed some textures
- Added something special in the hidden room, or what Kid_matthew calls it, "The dance room" :P


v 1.0 : Real Version

Enjoy my Entry! :D

Also ask your parent's permission FIRST before you download TugZip or my Contest Entry. :)

Here are some sample images of what my entry looks like

House Front View:

House Porch View:

House inside First Floor View:

Re: My Halloween Contest Entry 2011

Posted: October 29th, 2011, 3:28 pm
by kid matthew
Ok so i have went though your map.

I'm giving it a 3/5

Good packaging.
Picture of map.
Decent lighting.
Good atmosphere.
Nice little basement.

Some height map errors.
How do you get to 3rd story?

I'm not voting till I see all the maps people have entered.
So you might win.


Re: My Halloween Contest Entry 2011 - V1.1 (updated)

Posted: October 30th, 2011, 4:00 am
by Hirato
Packaging - this needs work
maps should be packaged so that the user can just throw the archive into one of the sandbox directories (that includes my_stuff and ~/.platinumarts), mount the zip in game and be good to go. That means a packages/base subdirectory top level directory is expected.
See the packaging guide ... ging_guide
You also forgot a mapshot

Appropriate obstacles haven't been placed around the map to prevent players from falling off
Lighting is a chaotic mess, it is visually unappealing and distracting - Try to use weaker lights and place them so that they complement each other. Also try to execute some subtlety when lighting your map, eg mansion.
The ambiance could do with some work - for starters don't use the default fogcolour for night time maps, and try to use skylight or sunlight to illuminate the outdoor areas of the map, rather than relying on ambient to set a minimal illumination level.