Golem wars: a water wars invasion mode!

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Golem wars: a water wars invasion mode!

Postby Bigguy1337 » May 8th, 2013, 9:34 am

I have an Idea for a mode called "Golem Wars!".
THE MAIN IDEA: there are 5 characters you play as. #1: Captain Cannon! #2: Master Chef Ogro! #3: King Kolossal! #4: Willy Wormstrum #5: Philip Farnsworth. You must stop the hypnotized Golems from destroying the cube o' power
PLOT: A mysterious ancient evil named 'The ancient evil" is haunting the lands of the planet sandbox! Attempting to take control of everyone on sandbox, The ancient evil's attempt fails as the ancient evil finds out the the Sandboxiens are resistant to being hypnotized. Though there is one peaceful species that wouldn't hurt a fly that isn't resistant to being hypnotized... Golems! The ancient evil is getting revenge on the golems when they were at war for turning the ancient evil into a ghost with the ancient Ghostifire machine. The ancient evil has them hypnotized & now the ancient evil is gonna force them to take the cube of power &
use it to take over planet sandbox as we know it! however, five Brave sandboxiens are going to stop them from destroying the cube & save the world! Doctor Freshman Popsicle has put a modification on your water weapons to make them reverse the Hypnotizing power that weakening there sub-conciseness to the point were the ancient evil has control over them!

Game-play mechanics: There are three types of golems. Rock golems use water saws from wave 1-3. after that, they get the pistol. then wave 5, they get the shotgun. that's the maximum amount ti'll they won't appear at all. Ice golems use Miniguns & water saws. if you get to close to them, you'll Freeze! you have to wait ten seconds before you thaw. They appear at wave 6. At wave 8, they get Water-nade launchers. on wave 9, they get green Armour. Cabbage golems are the most dangerous! they throw cabbages at you. one cabbage to the face & its KO! They carry rocket launchers & by wave 15, they get QUAD-DAMAGE! On wave 14, Its time to release the hounds! When I said that every species but the Golems couldn't be hypnotized, I forgot to say that wolves CAN be hypnotized! Wolves are not with golems. there lone wolves. Get it? Lone Wolves? anyways, there very fast & dangerous but easy to Shoo away & KO Dem' K-9's.
Grizzly bears 7 horses though are ABSOLUTELY absent. however, The snagons & dragons appear on wave 20 (Or whatever the final Round is the final one). :D

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