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(CLOSED) How do you change the scripts in \src\fpsgame?

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(CLOSED) How do you change the scripts in \src\fpsgame?

Post by rolandicard1028 »

EDIT: Closed. Figured out.
I wanted to change text that says the name and description of gamemodes while in the menu and while loading. Such as:

{ "SP", M_LOCAL | M_CLASSICSP, "Play single player." },
{ "Demo", M_DEMO | M_LOCAL, "Playback a demo." },
{ "Lobby", M_LOBBY, "Shoot around in lobbies." },

I also want to add a gamemode combining Capture the Banana and Banana Relay.

But, unfortunately it defaults to just the normal scripts.

How do I change this text?
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Re: (CLOSED) How do you change the scripts in \src\fpsgame?

Post by Mike »

Awesome work figuring it out!
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