Can someone help me here?

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Can someone help me here?

Postby Mother_Cabbage » October 3rd, 2012, 5:09 am

Hello all.
I have some difficulty here, as i'm trying to figure out how to make quests and make people talk and all.
It's tricky for me as i don't do this kind of stuff on a regular basis and it's one of those....enigmas i've decided to
solve for myself as i am sick and tired of sitting around going nuts over a program. It sounds stupid, i know.
So tempted to just delete the program, but i'll hang on a little longer.
Now that i've stopped rambling on, (down to the crux of the matter!) :lol:
oh gosh i'm rambling again.
ok. so i've got Platinum Arts Sandbox version 2.7.1. :?
Can someone please give a simple quest example that explains things concisely? (which involves characters talking and exchanging items) :oops:
i would really appreciate it because it would stop me going around in circles endlessly. 8-)
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Re: Can someone help me here?

Postby Mike » October 3rd, 2012, 1:08 pm

The best suggestion I can make is take a look examples we already have and look at how they are done. If you go into /data/rpg/games you can see all the different example games we have and look in the files to see how things work. Try then even making simple modifications and check them out in game. Then you can go on to make even bigger modifications when you understand how things work and go from there :) That's how I like to learn anyway :D Take care.
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Re: Can someone help me here?

Postby kddekadenz » October 3rd, 2012, 1:53 pm

Kelgar is an advanced RPG beeing developed in Sandbox

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Re: Can someone help me here?

Postby Lou » November 5th, 2012, 11:35 pm

Hey Mother,
I would suggest you switch to 2.8 before going further since the Conversation scripting changed a little bit.
Here is a sample script you can modify and build off of. Let me know if you have any questions.

Code: Select all

//NPC script
//**Note: All strings need to be on the same line.
include scripts/1

//start conversation
r_script_node "main" [result ["Ho there! What brings you to Bendigan Keep?"]] [
     r_response "Hi, The guard at the front gate said I should speak to you about finding work." "normal1" //goes to dialogue normal
     r_response "Goodbye" "" //closes the dialogue

//normal path
r_script_node "normal1" [result ["Aye there is plenty of work around this place to keep any man busy. But we do not just give out jobs to anyone walking by, we reserve them for the recruits. Say we happen to be short on recruits these days would you be interested in joining the wayguard?"] ] [
   r_journal_record "Looking for work" "The Sergeant at arms asked if I wanted to join the wayguard."
   //start next convo phase.
   r_response "Sure why not." "normal2"
   r_response "No thanks, goodbye." "" //Close the dialogue

//normal2 path
r_script_node "normal2" [result ["Well thats great. If you want to join up you better talk with our commander, he is in the main keep, tell him I sent you."] ] [
   r_journal_record "Looking for work" "I need to speak with the commander if I want to join up."
   r_global_set $joinwayguard 1
   r_response "Okay." "" //Close the dialogue

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