need some clarification on a few things

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need some clarification on a few things

Postby Jordan Ashby » November 28th, 2012, 1:53 am

hey folks. I've been getting frustrated with my lack of understanding of how to write my scripts. I've found that i can do some of the things that i want to do by editing the scripts in the default rpg folders. i set up the critter to use my new scripts which are copied and pasted from the default scripts but with some changes such as the NPCs name, statements & responses etc. I have never worked with any kind of scripting or programming before. i have come to find that there are "simple" things that i am not understanding. i have looked over the wiki help section but get lost before too long. something i thing would rock is if someone would reply to this with a rpg npc script such as the "here's johnny" script in the default game (the hungry guy who you help). this script has many examples of things i would like to do. if anyone is interested in helping a greenhorn understand some things, return that script but with added comments that explain everything. write it for an idiot please. i realize this would be a bit of a task but i know some of you are in to writing tutorials. also, if anybody reads this and wouldn't mind a beginner asking them questions as i learn through private messaging, please say so. i don't want to keep starting topics and taking up space.

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