sandbox the sims

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sandbox the sims

Postby Ghostman Gaming » February 6th, 2013, 7:39 am

OK so here's my idea i have a game releasing soon and i want to make a DLC pack for it. I want the DLC to have a village. In this village it will be like the sims. you can talk to people make friends or enemies and stuff like that.

Here's my coding questions:
I want to make it so that when you talk to a citizen you can make friends with that character. I want it so if i talk to bob i click be nice, and after the action is over to add one point to bob's friendly meter. if i click be mean it adds a negative point towards bobs enemy meter.
any ideas on how this can be done is acceptable.

reward XP:
I want to make it so if for example i use a recipe lets say i make a apple pie i am rewarded with 50Xp towards my next level.
how is this done?
I also want it so for example if i watch tv for a long time I am rewarded with more XP than for a short time.

I want functioning jobs for example: i'm a pizza delivery boy I go to the pizza shop pick up my pizza's and drive off.
now what i want is so that i can have random delivery points around the map, but idk how to do that! :(

Any help or ideas is acceptable. :mrgreen:

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