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Adding new tabs to the RPG tab button

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Ghostman Gaming
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Adding new tabs to the RPG tab button

Post by Ghostman Gaming »

I was wondering where I would find the .TXT file for the tab button in RPG mode.
My next question is how would I add health bars similar to in The Sims. I would like to add hunger, energy, bladder, social, and fun bars. I would like then to decrees over in game time. I would like there to be 100 points to deteriorate over time unless you do something to increase the bar. I'm not 100% sure how to code this so any suggestions or samples are welcome.
Next I would like to add a radio tab it will play several radio stations files similar to the pip-boy radio in Fallout 3. Any ideas are welcome.
-Tyler Mangino
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Re: Adding new tabs to the RPG tab button

Post by Hirato »

you're looking for data/rpg/ui.cfg

If you want to add more bars on screen, you'd duplicate data/rpg/hud_standard - so you have your own specialised HUD - and have it display them on the HUD.
I'm not sure if the locals system is up and ready for 2.8, but you'd use those to add variables like "hunger" to an NPC - if these's only globals, you might have to restrict it per player basis.
Depending on the time frame, you'd probably want to use r_sleep (with a global variable to inhibit it on game loading) to set up a decay loop. 3.0.0 will let you register timers so you can set up decay loops for every 1000 ms if you wanted.

I can't help you too much with music, but the important thing is that you have multiple collections of tracks - either specified manually or generated dynamically - and some means of picking a selection.
And you'll need a custom musicradio command of some sort to play random tracks from the current collection.
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