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Problem with the codings.

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Problem with the codings.

Post by krosmist »

Hello everyone, I'm new here. It's my first time attempting to make a game, and it's a lot harder than it looks. I've tried a few game engines but I think Platinum Arts is the easiest available. Well, I thought like that until I learned we had to do lots of codding if we wanted to make an RPG game. So I have like ten questions.

1- I'm using the tutorial (http://www.sandboxgamemaker.com/wiki/in ... G_tutorial) and it tells me to go to definitions file, which is not there. Where is it? How can I find it?
2- Is there any way I could find an already made RPG World? I mean, the one that is already done with codding, and waits to get furnitured and all. Because all I wanna add to my world for now is a small kingdom like Camelot and a forest. Oh, and please also note that I want to publish my game. And maybe make a few bucks from it. So are there any already-made base maps that I can edit as I like? This is the most important question.
3- How do I equip my character with a sword?
4- Do I have to make every single furniture by summoning it from the ground?
5- How do I access the console?
6- Can I spawn a few NPCs without codding? Like minecraft?
7- Am I allowed to gain a few bucks with the game I'll make?
8- Which is the most ideal program to make models for Platinum Arts?
9- Could I import a few houses without having to design them? Like, are there people who publish small medieval houses that is free for anyone to use?
10- How do I make doors?
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Re: Problem with the codings.

Post by Wind Astella »

There is a lot question to be answered 0.o but I will try to answer them all.

1- Some of the tutorial in the wiki wasn't really applicable in the engine and written for earlier version of the engine. https://github.com/Hirato/lamiae/wiki this is the latest guide but it was written for Lamiae which you can consider it as latest version of PAS RPG mode.
2- No actually, the earlier you know the fact that you need to map all of your world the better. Not being bad but I once made the same request as you do.
3- http://windastellaworld.blogspot.com/20 ... -mode.html this is my tutorial written specifically to answer this question.
4- 0.o Well... The furniture model doesn't really generated by some complex algorithm or something, it had to be modeled. Unless what you really meant is to spawn an already made model, there are some in the entity. And if you're a mapper, just make it out of the ground ^^ (is this what you meant?).
5- The "~" key is how you access the console.
6- Minecraft is a game, this is an engine. Minecraft spawn an already coded NPC for player to spawn, so yeah not in RPG mode, but you can in FPS mode.
7- Yes you can ^^ If it was the engine. There is small thing about content licensing that you need to consider. Better read this before selling viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1493 . A bit old but still applicable for the knowledge.
8- Blender ofc XD http://www.blender.org/ . But just for the sake of the community, viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4567&p=34849#p34849 , this is my request board. Still waiting for model before launching the site.
9- Yes, because you can find house model in the internet and free to use, again beware of licensing. (site such as OpenGameart.org) If you need help with importing them into sandbox, welcome to my request board.
10- Reversed engineered some of the map with already made door script and learn from it. Notably Mystara.
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Re: Problem with the codings.

Post by Hirato »

I'm not sure if octabrushes made it into the last release...
If they did, they're basically just collections of geometry that got dumped to file that you can reimport into other maps.
The command iirc are /savebrush x and /loadbrush x

The Lamiae fork has gained collision mesh support for models, so they a fair bit more usable for decorative purposes.

Otherwise, Wind Astella said all that needed to be said.
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